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Christmas lights, CCTV and anti-knife crime scheme net council ‘inner West Leeds’ funding

Councillors have approved funding for Christmas lights and an initiative to use boxing as a way to deter knife crime in Armley.

Members of Leeds City Council’s inner west community committee agreed thousands of pounds’ funding from their wellbeing and youth activities’ funds at Fairfield Community Centre, in Bramley yesterday evening (Tuesday).

Approved applications include:

Inner West Leeds Christmas lights – Amount TBC

This includes Armley, Bramley and Kirkstall displays. Kirkstall councillors agreed to reduce the amount requested for Kirkstall’s lights from £5,995 to closer to the £2,500-£2,800 Armley and Bramley’s lights were costing.

CCTV – £6,000

For annual running costs of cameras in Ley Lane, Broadlea Grove, Broadlea Hill, Hawksworth Wood and Cragside Rec.

Inner West Grit Bins – £2,499

One re-fill for all 31 grit bins in Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards.

New Wortley Festival 2023 – £2,000

To support community event.

Friends of Armley and Gotts Park – £2,059

To help bring people together and support a teddy bears’ picnic in July and the dog show in September.

Learning Boxing, Living Better – £1,800

This project seeks to supplement and enhance the regular youth boxing coaching sessions organised by The Ministry of Boxing in Armley three times a week. The funding is proposed against a background of two fatal knife crime incidents in the area earlier this year.

5-a-side football posts – £899

The grant awarded will be used to pay for the item and installation of a set of 12ft goal posts on the Broad Lane Football Pitch, Bramley.

Site improvements and New Equipment at West Leeds Activity Centre – £4,460

Councillors refused a bid for £15,000 from Mighty Radio Leeds for a roadshow trailer kitted with full PA, which would then be used for holding community events in Armley and beyond. They also refused a £3,000 application from Leeds Hyde Park Football Club for running costs.

A £12,500 bid from Kirkstall Educational Cricket Club to support the club’s refurbishment was refused by council officers ahead of the meeting.

The inner west community committee is made up of nine councillors (all Labour) from Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards. It is also made up of community co-optees.

The full agenda and papers can be read here.

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