Community centre pledges to help tackle climate change

Venue: New Wortley Community Centre, on Tong Road

Are you worried about climate change in Armley? Would you like to get involved with New Wortley Community Centre to make positive changes in and around the area?

New Wortley Community Centre is committed to becoming a ‘green community centre’ and wants to look at changing how it runs to become carbon neutral and to make positive changes in the area to help combat climate change.

They are seeking a group of volunteers who would be interested in coming together to design innovative ideas to combat climate change in the centre and the community.

A meeting of like-minded people who are interested in developing and building solutions to climate change in the Leeds 12 area is being held at the centre, off Tong Road, on Wednesday, 23 March at 5pm.

More details and how to register your interest can be found here. More information from Victoria Kortekaas on

New Wortley Community Centre CEO Andrea Edwards said the centre held a strategy planning day back in December 2021 and almost everyone who attended expressed concern at the effect of climate change on our planet and our communities. She added:

“We have appointed a Climate Change Champion who will work with staff, volunteers and local people to help everyone understand how they can ‘do their bit’ and who will ensure that our commitment to being ‘greener’ remains on the agenda.

“Work is already under way with all staff making individual climate action pledges and as an organisation we are exploring new ways to save energy, re-cycle more effectively and use more environmentally friendly products in our community café.

“We are also working alongside Climate Action Armley to support other locally led initiatives to tackle climate change. There are many ways for local people to get involved – join our Climate Change Volunteers groups, check out our Climate Action notice board, subscribe to our monthly newsletter or pop into the Armley and New Wortley Tea Trolley drop-in sessions on Fridays at 1pm. Together we can all make a big difference!”

WLD previously reported on New Wortley Community Centre becoming a climate hub here.


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