Come and share the Armley Good Stuff!


Residents in Armley are being urged to share ideas on how to make Armley a better place.

Armley Good Stuff is a community of local residents who discuss and instigate positive things in Armley.

Their first event last summer saw dozens of local residents descend on Armley Conservative Club for an event which asked the question: What is good in Armley?

Now organiser – and Armley resident – Emma Bearman is asking for more people to help put on the next Armley Good Stuff get-together on 11 May at Interplay Theatre on Armley Ridge Road.

Emma would like people to share ideas about what we’d do to make Armley a great welcoming place for all age, identify places in our neighbourhood which offer the opportunity to do more great stuff and help work out who will run the website.

Check out the Armley Good Stuff Facebook group for more.


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