Cardigan Arms fundraiser: Can you become a ‘Cardigan angel’?


Campaigners behind a planned community buyout of the Cardigan Arms pub are calling on ‘angels’ to help kickstart their fundraising campaign.

As previously reported, local residents have formed The Cardigan Arms Communities Pub Ltd to buy the pub – one of the top 200 heritage pubs in Britain – from owners Greene King for £295,000. They are aiming to raise the cash in a community share issue, which won’t start until April.

Ahead of the main share issue Chris Hill, one of the people behind the plan, is calling on businesses and entrepreneurs to donate £5,000 to become what he calls the ‘Cardigan Angels’. He said:

“We want 20 people who are prepared to donate £5,000 to the cause – we have six signed up already without really trying.

“Each Cardigan Angel would receive 5,000 shares and would receive 4% interest on a yearly basis. This is a serious investment for people.”

If you are interested in become a Cardigan Angel email

As reported last week, the campaigners have agreed 50/50 partnership deal has been agreed with Steve Holt of Kirkstall Brewery.


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