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Can you imagine an excellent bus service for West Leeds?

A civic watchdog has launched a project to discover what would make an excellent bus service for Leeds.

Over the course of the next few months, Leeds Civic Trust will be gathering practical ideas to improve the bus service across the city.

Whether a commuter from Otley who works in Bramley, a football fan from Morley who needs to get to Elland Road, or someone from Wakefield who uses the bus service to visit relatives in Beeston – the trust wants to hear from everyone who uses the bus service in Leeds.

The trust also wants to hear from people who are put off from using buses in the first place.

Leeds Civic Trust Director Martin Hamilton said:

“We want to reach those who use buses but think they could be better but also those who never consider using the bus service to find out what needs to happen to change their minds. We hope our findings will influence the development of our bus service in the years to come.”

Project Co-ordinator Gwen Thomas added:

“As project co-ordinator, I am looking forward to speaking to residents about what they really want out of their local bus service and how it can improve.”

The trust will be gathering information via an online survey and interactive map, through discussion groups and via a competition of ideas with cash prizes. There will also be a series of discussions and webinars finding out about what works best elsewhere and how we can adopt these ideas in our city.

Check out the consultation website here.

Although the project is focusing on the area covered by Leeds City Council, the ideas generated will apply to the service across West Yorkshire as discussions intensify about whether buses should be brought back under public control following the election of a Metro Mayor for West Yorkshire earlier this month.


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