Can you help Swinnow Community Centre continue its invaluable work?

swinnow community centre
Swinnow Community Centre

Swinnow Community Centre needs your help. Volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide support during the Covid-19 pandemic – and the centre itself needs support from the community and local businesses. Here’s the centre’s appeal:

We have been providing packed lunches for the elderly and vulnerable the funding is coming to the end but we would like to carry on providing this service if possible but we need your help.

Also we do not come under the government’s criteria for funding for loss of income etc – and due to having no income coming in (hall hire, events etc) and still paying our bill we will struggle to ‘re-open’ ..

This appeal is to ask any businesses if they can help with any donation in any way – and to you, the community.

We know times are hard at the moment but if any would like to help, maybe organise a sponsored walk, a raffle, whip rounds, donations and ideas to help raise much needed funds it would be much appreciated.

We have tried our very best to help as many elderly and vulnerable people as we can, we would love if even a few of you could help us now we really need it.

Obviously keeping the centre running is an expense in itself, which we normally cover with hall hires and groups, at the minute we are unable to raise any revenue from hires, groups, parties etc.

We also need to cover the expenses of still helping our elderly, who many at the moment can’t get out, but many are also too afraid to go out. As you can all imagine, this all adds up and we are really struggling to find a solution.

So we will be appreciative of any help, we thank you all in advance, we appreciate any ideas, sponsors or donations no matter how small.

If you can help, e-mail

Check out the centre on Facebook.


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