At last! Calverley has new crossing after more than a decade of campaigning

woodhall road crossing calverley 1
Photo: Anne Akers

The long-awaited zebra crossing for Calverley’s busy Woodhall Road has now been installed, along with traffic calming speed bumps, writes Anne Akers.

Calverley councillors Andrew and Amanda Carter and Rod Wood have written to local residents saying that the initial scheme is almost complete and that there are already having a beneficial effect.

In the letter, they said there was still work to do at the top of Woodhall Road, but this would take place after road re-surfacing at the beginning of the next financial year.

woodhall road crossing calverley 2
The campaign to improve road safety down Woodhall Road lasted for more than a decade. Photo: Anne Akers

They still had concerns about traffic at the bottom of Woodhall Road, towards the junction with Town Gate, and the Highways Department to review the current measures.

Once the scheme was entirely complete, the Highways Department would be asked to carry out speed checks and compare those against the checks done before the work started.

They said they had been contacted by a number of residents who were pleased with the changes, though admitted that improvements could always be made.

The initial impact reported on social media was increased rat running, particularly down Carr Hill, though this has been a problem in the village for many years, caused mainly by drivers trying to avoid the queues to the traffic lights at Greengates.

Junction plans

Bradford Council has just completed a consultation on a compulsory purchase order for more than 50 plots of land near the busy junction.

If this is approved by the Department of Transport, work on the £6.8million scheme will go ahead, to be completed by 2020. The plans to improve the junction and create four lands of traffic include moving the cenotaph, new pedestrian crossings and improved cycle lanes.


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