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Calverley housing plans refused amid concerns over impact on trees and biodiversity

Developers who returned with plans for housing on greenfield land in Calverley have been refused planning permission, amid concerns over the impact on biodiversity on the site.

The proposals, for four detached six-bedroom houses on land in Crowther Avenue, come after previous proposals were refused by Leeds council planners last April amid concerns over access and a lack of detail.

The land is bordered on all sides by properties in Crowther Avenue, Carr Road, Fraser Road and Ravenscliffe Road. Access to the new houses would be via the driveway of number 3 Crowther Avenue.

Nineteen objections were registered against Frankil Ltd’s proposals, raising concerns ‘over-dominant’ properties, access and loss of trees.

A council officer’s report states the principle of housing on the site was acceptable, given earlier permissions on this site.

“If the scheme is looked at without the constraints of the on-site [preserved] trees and the substantial street trees at the access point on Crowther Avenue, then there are benefits to the provision of four family houses,” the report adds.

“However, this is not a strategic housing site and the development is small, proposing only four houses. Therefore, its influence on the council’s housing supply would be limited in a supply framework, where the local planning officer can demonstrate in excess of five years’ supply.

“The potential for detrimental impact on the existing trees and biodiversity is considered to outweighs the benefits offered by this proposal, inclusive the re-planting scheme which whilst offering some mitigation for harm within the site to the existing trees, it would not mitigate for the potential harm to the welfare of the street trees.”

The refused plans and reports can be viewed in full here. the developer has the option of appealing against the decision to an independent planning inspector.

The site has a history of applications to develop it for housing. An application after was withdrawn by applicant Frankil Ltd in 2021 following concerns over the ‘over-dominant’ buildings and protected trees on the land.

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  1. Putting biodiversity issues on one side, how can you have access to these houses down the driveway of an existing house? This is just asking for neighbour disputes in the future, all you need is a bit of ‘inconsiderate’ parking and you can’t get in or out of these new properties. You’d be mad to buy one of these, obviously greed is the driving factor here.


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