Calverley housing plans withdrawn following concerns


Plans for a development of four large detached homes in Calverley have been withdrawn by he applicant.

Frankil Ltd had wanted to build the houses, which would have had six bedrooms each, on land yo the rear of Crowther Avenue.

There had been local objections to the proposals, including councillors Amanda and Andrew Carter, who objected to the development of the site and to the houses which they described as ‘dominant and over-large’.

Leeds City Council’s landscaping team had also expressed their concern about the removal of 28 trees preserved by Tree Preservation Orders. In their objection, they said:

“The Tree Planting Report indicates the planting of 24 native trees within the rear gardens of plots. However, the removal of eight individual trees, 11 Cypress trees and nine Cherry trees requires the planting of 84 trees for the loss of 28 in accordance with the council’s replacement planting policy.

“The significant loss of biodiversity cannot be replaced with trees alone, even though indigenous species have been selected. The location of the proposed large stature species is not compliant with LCC Guideline Distances from Development to Trees and their size will create future problems with living space amenity leading to lopping and potentially removal.”

The plans were withdrawn by the applicant on 21 February 2021 and can be viewed here.


  1. Funny how councillors Carter object to housing applications in their own backyard (and all the disruption and mess this entails)but agree to developments elsewhere.


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