Calverley: Court order closes Bunnyfields due to nuisance bikers

bunnyfields calverley off road bikers

Police have secured a court order to close the Bunnyfields in Calverley for three months due to problems with nuisance motorcycle riders.

West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council have had an application for a closure order for the fields approved, which means anybody who is found in the exclusion zone without a reasonable excuse can be arrested.

A map of the exclusion zone at Bunnyfields, Calverley.

The order runs from now until 4pm on October 5.

The only people to be allowed onto the land will be the tenant farmer, Richard Wilson, and those with explicit permission of Thornhill Estates. The land is bordered by Bill Wood, Crowther Lane and Carr Hill Drive.

Police say there have been a number of incidents involving anti-social behaviour on the fields, and earlier this month the rider of a moped was stopped for not having a licence or insurance.


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