Burley Road: Council restricts parking near new Emmerdale Studio Experience


Council chiefs have approved an experimental traffic order to limit on-street parking around the new Emmerdale Studio Experience attraction on Burley Road.

More than 150,000 people a year are due to attend the tour around the ITV studios, which opened yesterday.

Many streets in the area currently benefit from a ‘no waiting’ order 8am to 6.30pm six days a week, and the new order extends that order to the seventh day, Sunday. It intends to stamp down on any indiscriminate parking in the area.

A council report says restrictions should encourage visitors to use the Burley Road off-street car park. It says:

“… There are no restrictions on Sundays and it is likely to result in vehicles parking on street to avoid paying car parking charges.

“Many of the roads in the area are not of sufficient width to accommodate this level of parking and, as a consequence, any parking on street could hinder the safe and free flow of traffic.

“Furthermore, on-street parking could also create a problem for the fire station that is located in close
proximity to the attraction.”

The order, which will cost £7,500 and be funded by the operator of the visitor attraction, will be experimental for 18 months and, if it’s working, may be made permanent after that period.

The report adds the council is “unsure how far this parking could displace and is reluctant to introduce to a wider blanket restriction to the area that could potentially disadvantage some residents/businesses unnecessarily”.

The report can be read in full here.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience shines a light on the production process on the popular ITV soap.


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