Burley Road: Developer’s appeal against house demolition fails

former st anne's villa site burley road
Photo: Stuart Long

An independent planning inspector has turned down a developer’s appeal against a Leeds council decision to make him demolish a house he has built.

Leeds Council last month issued an enforcement notice that a new property built on the former St Anne’s Villa site at 378 Burley Road should be demolished as it is not in line with the original planning consent.

The developer appealed against the decision, saying he couldn’t meet the council’s time frame for demolition.

But in the latest twist in a long-running planning saga, the Planning Inspectorate ruled in favour of the council and have insisted the property be demolished by January 2021 and all materials removed from the site by March 2021.

Read the full ruling below:

As previously reported, residents have opposed a number of applications on the site.

The developer, Khalid Malik, wanted to create a new dwelling in place of the original lodge house, the total demolition of which was approved in 2014.

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