Residents tackle Burley graffiti in community clean-up day


Residents in Burley have taken pride in their community and helped to remove graffiti blighting the area.

Before lockdown, a local resident formed a group to tackle the growing problem of graffiti tagging on houses and businesses in Burley.

The group had their first clean-up day just before lockdown and followed this up yesterday with an action day painting over tagging in parts of Burley.

Pictured above is Burley Park Bridge after Cllr Hannah Bithell and local volunteers painted over the graffiti. Cllr Bithell posted on Facebook:

“I painted a railway wall and others did all sorts of other graffiti work in Burley… Thank you to Cllr Fiona Venner for organising along side local powerhouse resident Jane, Fantastic work, and thank you to the volunteers! Sorry we couldn’t have more volunteers this time because of Covid. We will organise more days so others can join in!”

Cllr Venner Tweeted:

The council’s anti-graffiti team were also out in Burley yesterday, supporting the clean-up.

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  1. I hate the graffiti that morons leave around, but I love the artistic murals that actually improve the look of the area. ie Beilsa in Headingley and other full wall artwork.


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