Broadlea Community Centre kicks off Jubilee celebrations in Bramley

jubilee celebrations Bramley
Jubilee celebrations were in full swing in Bramley today. Photo: Shanai Dunglinson

By Shanai Dunglinson

Platinum Jubilee celebrations kicked off today in Bramley, with a programme of enjoyable events for all the community enjoy.

The Queen kicked off her four-day Jubilee celebrations today in London, but in Bramley celebrations are also just beginning. 

Organised by volunteer group, Bramley Care Bears, a range of activities and performances took place at the Broadlea Community Centre. Activities included a workshop on making window planters, football and even a Ukulele performance from a local Ukulele choir.

The Broadlea Community Centre was draped in bunting and union flags in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, whilst some attendees dressed up in the national colours. 

Treasurer of the Bramley Care Bears, Saadia Gamir, said:

“It’s part of the activities we do which is trying to bring the community together. We have been organising this over weeks and weeks. We are here to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and also to to make sure we can make some neighbourly feeling with our friends here. Meet up and have fun for the day!”

She then went on to say why this is important:

“The sense of belonging. Covid has created isolation, people have just been sitting in their own bubbles sometimes because of lockdown, others because they are ill. We are trying to say to everyone that we are all here and we will support each other.”

Nicky Ross and Grace Claydon, members of the Ukulele choir in attendance, added:

“It’s celebrating being British, getting together to have a picnic. We get two days off as well, which is nice!”

Grace’s mum, Sue Claydon, is a big fan of the Queen. She added: “I think she’s done amazing, I think she’s a wonderful person.”

Jubilee celebrations are just getting started in Bramley and West Leeds, with events taking place throughout the rest of this bank holiday weekends, check out our round-up of events here. 

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