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Bramley: Shopping parade set for improvements

By John Baron

Forecourt improvements to a shopping parade in Bramley have moved a step closer to reality after council highways chiefs approved the design of the scheme.

The £50,000 proposals include new surfacing, cast-iron street furniture and bollards, new surfacing and a tree pit with planted tree, which would act as a focal point at the parade.

WLD understands Leeds City Council will also consult traders and residents over specifics of the design.

Initial proposals have been drawn up for the area, off Upper Town Street. Image: Leeds City Council

A council report published this week says: “By providing benches for all users, the project is inclusive and may provide those with limited mobility a destination where they know they will be able to sit.

“Local residents and the businesses will be consulted upon approval of this report and any views taken into account and accommodated within the scheme where appropriate. Any substantial changes to the approved project will be communicated to the chief officer accordingly.”

The project is part of Leeds City Council’s £2.3 million local centres programme, which seeks to support local businesses by making the area more aesthetically pleasing, offering a higher quality of environment for visitors. The council’s contribution of £50,000 is set to be approved in a separate report.

All three Bramley & Stanningley ward members support the project, which the council hopes to deliver this year.

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    • Hi Lynn, the council report states there are no traffic regulation orders planned for in front of the parade. John – editor

    • I wouldn’t expect that, but it would be nice if they maybe do something to stop people parking half up on the pavement despite their being adequate sized bays to stay on the road. Van drivers seem to have a particular problem with this.

  1. Hopefully the bollards will stop people thinking these shops are ‘drive-ins / drive throughs’ ? Far too many cars / vans parked illegally on the pavement.

  2. I think the street furniture will attract young ppl and teens for somewhere to hang out on an evening , I don’t know what the fascination with teens hanging around shops , baffles me !


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