Bramley phone mast refused for second time following petition

Election: Leeds Civic Hall.

Planners have refused permission for a 17.5m-high 5G phone mast at the junction of Houghley Lane and Stanningley Road in Bramley.

Applicant Cornerstone Ltd wanted to build the mast and equipment cabins in a bid to boost the signal in the Armley and Bramley areas – but council planning officers expressed concern over its height and appearance. 

There were two individual objections and a petition of five people opposing the mast on the grounds that the pole was too close to properties and out of proportion with anything near it.

A planning officer’s report refusing the application stated the mast would ‘overly impact’ on neighbouring properties:

“The proposed telecommunication mast/equipment at 17.5m high would be notably visible from a wide area (due to its height and appearance) amongst a mainly commercial and residential area.”

Council planners last November refused a proposal by Cornerstone for an ‘overwhelming’ 20-metre high mast at the same spot.



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