‘Overwhelming’ mobile phone mast plans refused by Leeds City Council


Words: John Baron

Planners have refused permission for an ‘overwhelming’ 20m-high 5G phone mast at the junction of Houghley Lane and Stanningley Road in Bramley.

Applicant Cornerstone Ltd wanted to build the mast and equipment cabins in a bid to boost the signal in the Armley and Bramley areas – but council planning officers expressed concern over its height and appearance.

A planning officer’s report refusing the application states:

“The proposed telecommunication mast/equipment at 20m high would be notably visible from a wide area (due to its height and appearance) amongst a mainly commercial and residential area.

“On this basis, prior approval for the development is recommended for refusal under delegated powers for the reasons stated above.”

There were five local objections to the proposals and a petition of five people.

Concerns included the pole being unsightly, obscuring views and would be ‘overwhelming and overpowering’, as well as having a negative impact on local businesses.

The plans – and reasons for refusal – can be viewed in full here.


  1. There already is a monopole phone mast on the other side of the road by the church, and another mast on the church roof itself, so what was the planner’s problem… and obscure the view of what exactly?! Just pathetic NIMBY’s at it again. Strong mobile data coverage indoors and sufficient network capacity to handle local peak demand is critical for remote working and adds value to a property.

  2. It does not add value to the properties closest to the mast. I understand that they are required, why not stick them on top of tallest office buildings in the area.


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