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Bramley: New children’s home gains planning approval

A cafe and house will be turned into a small children’s home in Bramley.

Leeds City Council has approved plans to transform the Broad Lane property into a residential children’s home providing care for two children under 16 years old.

Staff would provide 24/7 parenting support which would mirror that of a family home, for example two adults and maximum of two children.

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The house above the café will provide the actual home.  What is currently the café will have a separate entrance located off Broad Lane and will be used as an office or an on-site educational facility should the children require home education.

Applicant CoreHubz say in their planning application:

“The primary aim of Broad Lane is to provide long-term support and individual care packages to young people who have faced significant loss and trauma in their lives and are not able to live with their families or in foster care.

“Staff and managers at Broad Lane will work in close co-operation with young people, parents / carers, social workers and other professionals to
ensure the young people reach their full potential.

“Broad Lane, in co-operation with the young person their parents / carers and relevant professionals, will aim for the looked after young person’s needs to remain at Broad Lane until ready to move into semi-independent living.”


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