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‘Bramley is family’: parkrun celebrates eight years in style

Words: Jean Hollings. Photos: Simon Cullingworth

Bramley parkrun has been at Bramley Park on every Saturday at 9amfor 318 weeks – with the absence of the pandemic years.

The popular run now has a total of 5,800 people who have Bramley listed as their home parkrun.

Saturday saw 190 people celebrate Bramley’s eighth birthday. Every finisher who had an eight in their finish position was given a ‘piece of eight’.

There have been nearly 1,100 different volunteers at the event. Organisers know that they are so fortunate to have regular volunteers who all have their favourite spots, including Reg (keeper of the gates), Satty (Satty’s steps), Jamie (Jamie’s junction), Ian (naughty corner), Jill (Jill’s view point) and finally Carol (Carol’s corner).

Without the set up team – the two Paul’s and Alan – the event wouldn’t go so smoothly. The core team steer the event ensuring everything is safe whilst having fun with frequent themed events and celebrations with cake and fruit.

Simon Cullingworth captures moments and many people have his photos as their profile pictures or hanging on their walls.

One of the organisers said: “We don’t know why people are taking part but what we do know is that they are, and we like that.

“Our participants are diverse, most arrive nervous but are soon part of the parkrun family and return week after week. Children aged under 11 years old run with their parents and show them how it’s done!

“We have runners who somehow run with buggies (single or double) and some run with their pet dogs (small and large on hand-held fixed leads).

“Our ‘volunteer pacers’ aid people to achieve their personal bests. The volunteer park walkers encourage everyone to join in. Whilst the volunteer tail walkers ensure that no one is left behind.”

Bramley parkrun is well supported by local running groups and GP surgeries who regularly have their takeover days and bring more fun to the event. There are many tourists joining from the different parkruns. Some are visiting familiy and friends and some are completing parkrun challenges.

The feedback is testament to the volunteers at Bramley. Amongst the parkrun community the event is known as ‘Bramley is family’.

Comments being received from tourists/visitors are: “The friendliest volunteers we have seen”, “Great volunteers,” “Supportive volunteers,” and “Great atmosphere.”

At parkrun you can walk, run or anything in between to complete the 5km. Or you can volunteer, no experience is required. Y

If you’ve not tried parkrun yet register at, (not forgetting your ‘in case of emergency’ details). Any queries or concerns, contact


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