Bramley Fall Woods appeal to protect precious bluebells from ‘invader’


Everyone enjoys our bluebells in Bramley Fall Woods, writes Roland Cross of Newlay and Whitecotes Residents Association.

However, did you know these are under threat from an invasive plant called Himalayan Balsam? You can recognise it from its celery-like stalks and purple flowers.

Before the last Bramley balsam bash: Plants were 6ft tall.

The balsam competes with the bluebells and bramples unbalancing the delicate ecosystem that is needed for the bluebells to survive.

Unfortunately we can’t use pesticides as it would damage the delicate ecosystem so the only way to manage it is to ‘bash’ it.

This involves trampling or pulling the blasam stalks so they don’t flower. Its great fun! Please come and help us Saturday 6th July 10am – meet changing rooms on Pollard Lane.

Protective gloves provided for large and little hands. Please wear appropriate clothing for walking in the woods.


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