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Bramley: Can you help Finbar’s wheelchair appeal?

A £3,600 appeal has been launched to help a young man from Bramley get a new wheelchair. Finbar Wright has severe learning difficulties and motor/pyramidal movement disorder and his current wheelchair does not fit him comfortably. Nadene Stockton, of New Farnley, is leading the fundraising to buy a specialist chair via Finbar’s Independence Fund. Here, she tells Finbar’s story …

Fin is 21 years old and was born and lives in Bramley, Leeds.

After meeting both him and his mum, I knew I had to help.

He is a very jolly person with a great sense of humour and has excellent people skills. He loves art, crafts and baking and loves to read and write but this has been difficult because he cannot recognise letters and symbols.

He began to walk at four years old and has faced many hurdles and challenges but always smiles. He has severe learning difficulties and motor/pyramidal movement disorder.

The combination of these difficulties means that Finbar tires easily and needs a wheelchair. Finbar has recently had a growing phase and is now 6’4” tall and means that his NHS wheelchair does not fit him or tall people comfortably.

His wheelchair is now causing deformity and pains in his legs and knees.

The only assistance the NHS can offer is a six-inch cushion to fit in his wheelchair, but because of his cerebral difficulties the cushion makes him feel like he is floating and falling. It also makes the wheelchair unstable.

He has recently been assessed for a made to measure wheelchair that meets his needs however this will cost £3,600. We already have £1,000 towards this target from a grant and some fundraising that has already taken place.

We are hoping to raise the funds to ensure that Fin can go out and about comfortably and without experiencing the pain that he has been.

You can donate at his Justgiving page.






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