Bramley Baths: Summer holiday fun for family


Bramley Baths is a community-led, not-for-profit centre for fitness, health and fun, which houses a public gym, swimming pool, steam room and space for community events, meetings and fitness classes.  It’s been run by the community since January 1, 2013 and is well worth a visit.

In a bid to beat the summer holiday boredom blues, the Baths are putting on a whole host of summer events. These include fun swims, special under eights swims, the chance to walk the plank, race a raft, swim with mermaids .

You can come as a family or children can stay and play independently of parents for fun swims, activities, challenges and masses of  fun.

Mums and children can learn to become Mermaids and Merminnies, join in family hula hoopand circus tricks sessions and join in the Treasure Island treasure hunt.

More information at Bramley Baths website or email


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