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Bramley Baths pool re-opens, boasting new £500,000 eco-hub

The swimming pool at Bramley Baths re-opened today after a near four-week closure due to building work.

The community-led Baths have created an eco-hub at the Edwardian pool, which ensures the Grade II Listed building operates in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

Work includes new boilers and a new pool plant, with new filtration system, pipework and valves. New air conditioing and climate control measures have also been put in place.

The pool’s re-opening has received a warm reaction from customers on its Facebook page.

Carole Davies said:

“Great, it’s been a long four weeks – back into morning routine from Monday. You’ve all done a fab job, thank you!”

And Gail Sykes added:

“It’s looking good. My daughter will be excited for her lesson this morning, being asking every week (think she’s missed it). Thanks!”

bramley baths empty
Bramley Baths pool had been closed from December 17. Photo: Courtney Harrison/Bramley Baths

Bosses at Bramley Baths hope the eco-hub will reduce energy costs by up to 40%, reducing its environmental impact and allowing the social enterprise to re-invest the savings into other projects. The improvements will also lead to improved water clarity.

The air filtration system will lead to better air quality. A computerised system will be able to better control temperatures in the pool area, studio and gym and achieve a better balance between humidity in the building and water temperature. New air conditioning will also mean much lower energy usage.

Bramley Baths chairman John Battle said:

“This investment is fabulous news for the people of Bramley and beyond. Not only will be lowering our eco footprint and making a big difference to the environment, we’ll also be helping to further secure the future of the Baths for future generations.”

Power to Change, an independent trust whose funding is used to strengthen community businesses across England, has provided just over £295,000 from its Community Business Fund. Sport England has offered a further £75,000, with the rest coming from a loan from KeyFund and The Baths’ own financial reserves.

Bramley Baths dates back to 1904. It has been a community-led social enterprise since taking over the running of the Broad Lane facility from Leeds City Council in 2013.


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