Bramley Baths: Making a splash in pictures


Bramley Baths is buzzing at the moment. Here’s our photo gallery – featuring images by the fantastic Lizzie Coombes and Courtney Harrison – featuring some of the splashtacular activities which take place at the community-owned Edwardian baths.

Our main photo (above) features one of the new activities set up at the Baths this year – aqua zumba,
following in the footsteps of the hugely popular zumba classes. It’s led by Jennie Ashton, a West Leeds treasure who motivates everyone she meets.

Bramley baths Leeds gay pride
Courtney – the Ops Manager – used theatre gels to turn the pool into a rainbow spectacular – marking Gay Pride 2015. Photo: Courtney Harrison
bramley baths hula hoop classes
Hula Hoop classes are always popular with adults as a way to keep fit that’s really fun – the Baths began these in 2013 and they’re still going strong. Now they offer them to kids too! Photo Lizzie Coombes
Bramley Baths underwater disco
Celebrating the start of Bramley Baths’ 110th year in October 2014 with an Underwater Disco. Lx and Boe at the decks. Photo Lizzie Coombes
Bramley Baths Easter egg hunt
The first underwater Easter Egg Hunt was a big hit. Photo Lizzie Coombes
Bramley Baths garden
The Bramley Baths gardeners – volunteers who have turned a patch of unloved grass into an area full of vegetables, fruit and space for people to relax and enjoy. It’s open daily for anyone to use while the baths are open, and all the fruit and veg is free to pick – help yourselves! Photo Lizzie Coombes

More details about Bramley Baths on their website.

A version of this feature appears in the first edition of the Dispatch newspaper, available this week.





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