Why Bramley Baths’ AGM is THE meeting of the year!


AGMs sound dull don’t they? Official business, accounts, some voting … just another boring meeting, writes FRAN GRAHAM.

Bramley Baths AGM 2017 won’t be boring. It’s THE meeting of the year and a really important event in our calendar because the Baths is community-led.

It’s your chance to help make the big decisions.

You don’t have to be an expert in running a swimming pool to know what makes YOU want to use Bramley Baths. Everyone’s voice counts. Your ideas and suggestions matter and are listened to.

The AGM is a chance to reflect on the last year and make plans together for the years to come.

We’re at a point now where we have some fantastic and popular programmes running; we’re delivering well on our social aims, encouraging people to look after their mental wellbeing and physical health, teaching hundreds of kids and adults to swim each year, and providing an affordable, friendly environment to spend time in.

The timetable has tonnes of inventive exercise classes to attract people.

The staff are doing a superb job turning what they have learnt into new ways that people can enjoy health and fitness. We have a good gym, a wide range of fitness classes, we’re developing groups and clubs, our steam room has been repaired, and our garden is flourishing thanks to volunteers.


The building is a gem, and it’s also a building that needs caring for. At this year’s AGM we want to find out what you think about the building, and how it could develop over time to enable more people to get into a healthy lifestyle they really enjoy. Does this building cater for everyone’s needs?

Probably not, and we need your help to understand where improvements or imaginative changes could be made to realize a bigger better vision for Bramley Baths and the local area.

And as for the voting….well it’s an exciting chance to be part of Bramley Baths Board. The Board is run by local people who volunteer time to work together and meet for a couple of hours once a month.

You don’t need to have sat on a Board before; or run a pool or gym; you don’t need management experience. They’re a little bit like the A-Team – just easier to locate, non-violent, and they meet in a room rather than a transit van.

If you can work with other people, if you can spare a couple of hours a month, and if you’re excited by what we’re trying to achieve here, then why not think about becoming a Board member. Drop us an email if you’d like to have a chat about what it involves.

So. The AGM, formerly known as Annual General Meeting, is being renamed. The Awesome General Meeting. Bring your awesomeness. See you here on 26 September 2017 at 6.45pm.


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