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Bookworm Vickie sets up West Leeds Book Exchange during lockdown

Calling all book worms! A Bramley woman has set up a new online community group to exchange books across West Leeds.

Self-confessed book nerd Vickie Jamieson has set up the West Leeds Book Exchange group on Facebook where people can put up books they have read to exchange, request authors/genres create book groups and post book reviews.

Vickie, who also runs the Bramley Clothing Exchange, said:

“I’m a big book nerd. And I know during lockdown that there have been a few projects to help people get books more easily, like Bramley Elderly Action have their own little library.

“The idea is that the page provides a space for people to share books they no longer want, or have just finished with. They post them. People comment. And they agree between themselves to collect/drop off the books.

“I’m hoping that we get lots of different genres, subjects and authors so there’s always something for everyone. It will mean there’s a single place to look for books, rather than waiting for them to pop up on a mix of community sites.”

For Vickie, the group is as much about bringing the community together – in a socially distanced way during lockdown – as it is about books. She added:

“I’m hoping it brings the community together a bit more, forming friendship from common interest. Obviously people will need to follow social distancing, for the time being, with collections and drop offs. But until we can socialise more freely we the page can help to facilitate chats, and perhaps book groups.”

Vickie has also offered to help deliver or collect books for those who struggle with mobility and/or transport.

The Facebook group can be found here.

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