Should bollards protect Leeds cycle superhighway from parking?


Truckers parking on Armley Road are ‘disrespecting’ the multi-million pound CityConnect cycle superhighway, cyclists have said.

Cyclist Gael Pixie recently captured the above offenders on camera – and called for “bollards along the road – but not on the cycleway – to stop parking on the segregated route”.

She encountered the trucks as she cycled on Armley Road, outside Tradpak, towards the city centre – and has labelled the situation ‘unacceptable’.

It’s unlikely the drivers caught on camera will face fines. Information on the parking enforecement section of the CityConnect website states:

“Local Authority Teams will endeavour to get an officer there as soon as is reasonably possible. We’ve also been contacted by people with photographs of the infringements – unfortunately, fines have to be issued at the site and time of the infringement.

“We understand the frustration but we are constrained by the law on this issue – please report any infringements to the relevant team who will attend where possible.”

Gael, who tweeted the problems from her @walter_kitty account, said it was not always possible for cyclists or pedestrians to report offenders immediately and enforcement officers wouldn’t necessarily get there straight away.

Gael said parking on the cycle superhighway in that area was an ongoing problem. She added:

“I usually walk along the towpath from Canal Road, but I’ve got achilles tendonitis from walking too much so I’ve just started cycling instead – just today!”

@Johnny_Crash said on Twitter:

“There are wagons parked on that section daily. I just ride down the road because of them and the numerous drain covers on that section.”

Another added:

West Leeds Dispatch contacted Leeds City Council’s press office for comment last week but have so far received no response. It’s understood the council’s parking services department is investigating.

To report problems with parking on the cycle superhighway contact via e-mail or call them on 0113 3950050.






  1. Maybe Leeds City Council should invest in somewhere truck drivers can park up for the night so they don’t block the cycle lane.


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