End of the line for another Pudsey pub?

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A decaying pub building in Pudsey could be demolished and homes built in its place, a local councillor has claimed.

Cllr Richard Lewis (Lab, Pudsey) has told The Dispatch that the owner of the long-empty Boar’s Head on Roker Lane may demolish the building, which has stood empty since 2003.

richard lewis Pudsey
Cllr Richard Lewis

It is one of four pubs on about a mile stretch of road that has closed in the past 20 years. The White Cross, the Regent and the Weasel also shut their doors; only the Fleece on Fartown is still in business.

Councillor Lewis said:

“I’d tried over the years to get the owner to do something with the building and I’d been unsuccessful in attempts to even talk to the owner, so I wasn’t very optimistic about my chances this time.

“So I was surprised to get a letter from a firm of solicitors which said that the previous owner had died and that his son had decided to demolish the building and build homes on the site.

“I’m glad to see some positive proposals coming forward. I’ve mixed feelings in that I would have liked to see the building retained, but it does detract from the area in its current state.”


  1. Richard this former public house has been decaying for more than a decade. What are you trying to save?
    The article mentions the Weasel!
    Really! Scum of the earth, even West Yorkshire Police objected to their licence based on violence against police dogs. The police like the council hold animals in higher regard than publuc. Possibly? You lived across the street for years! Really
    Nostalgia is fine,however you have moved away. Far enough to whitewash the reality of Pudsey.


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