Armley: Blue Plaque unveiled for Benjamin Gott

benjamin gott blue plaque armley leeds
benjamin gott blue plaque armley leeds. Photo: Leeds Civic Trust

A blue plaque commemorating Benjamin Gott – one of Leeds’s most famous industrialists – has been unveiled in Armley.

The plaque was unveiled at Gotts Park Mansion and golf club by historian and Guardian journalist Richard Gott, one of Benjamin’s last-remaining descendants.

The blue people’s plaque celebrates the life of someone who has made a significant contribution to the development of Leeds and its people.

Benjamin Gott built one of the world’s largest woollen mills in Armley Mills and employed more than 1,000 people. He was born in 1762, the son of John Gott, a civil engineer, who lived at Calverley.

The plaque was generously funded by Leeds Civic Trust members, members of the public and Gott’s descendants.


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