Armley ward: 2018 Local election candidates announced

Ballot box image used under Wikimedia commons creative commons license

People living in Armley Ward go to the polls on 3 May 2018 for the Leeds local elections 2018.

All 99 councillor positions (three in each of 33 wards) are up for election this year in the ‘all out’ election.

This is because there have been boundary changes to some wards. It means you will have three votes to use on your ballot paper.

You can only vote for one candidate once – you won’t be able to give two or three votes to one candidate. If you choose to you can opt to vote for only one or two candidates.

Your West Leeds Dispatch will be contacting all the candidates to ask them about why they are standing and what their policies are. We will publish their answers as they send them in so keep checking back to compare answers and make your choice.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you have until Tuesday 17 April – register here.

A full list of candidates can be found below:

Armley 2018 Election Candidates by John Baron on Scribd


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