Armley Town Street: Two alcohol licence applications submitted


Two new applications to sell alcohol on Armley Town Street have been submitted.

The applications come as 156 people backed a bid to introduce legislation aimed at clamping down on the number of off licenses selling booze in the area.

If introduced, the Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) would make it much more difficult for new off-licences to be given permission to open in and around Town Street.

It’s understood the final decision on whether to introduce a CIP will be taken at a full meeting of Leeds City Council in June.

In the meantime, Mr Adnan Ali Ahmad has applied for a licence to sell alcohol at Potraviny International Foods, 9 Town Street, daily between 8am and 10pm.

And Fresh Metro Co-operatives has applied for an alcohol licence at the former Marks Antiques and Collectables shop at 90 Town Street. Opening hours have not yet been specified.

The company was formed in February, according to information on

As previously reported, Leeds City Council is looking at putting a cumulative impact policy (CIP) in Armley to help tackle problems with street drinking and anti-social behaviour.

The CIP which will place the responsibility on the applicant to prove a new licence application will not make matters worse in Armley.


  1. The simple answer to these applications should be “NO”.
    There are already numerous off licenses along Town Street and there’s definitely no need for any more.
    The more easily available the alcohol becomes, the more the problem of street drinking in the area will persist.
    Armley Town Street is an absolute eye sore. I’m all for diversity don’t get me wrong but enough is enough already.
    Other reputable retailers and banks (if they haven’t already left!) are now packing up and leaving the place behind due to how much of a hole it has become. Too many bookies, too many pawnbrokers, and too many off licenses.
    I don’t care what the consequences may be, but after watching my home town slowly deteriorate for the last fifteen years, its safe to say I know which way my vote will be going in June.


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