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Before and after: Gamble Lane clean-up

A country lane in Farnley which has been targeted by fly tippers has been cleaned up by the council this weekend.

Gamble Lane in Farnley was cleaned up two weeks after a bath and other building items had been dumped on the lane, which runs off busy Tong Road.

It’s understood discarded drug syringes had also been found in the undergrowth. The area has suffered from problems with dumped rubbish and dropped litter from passing cars.


Problem: Dumped rubbish in Gamble Lane, Farnley.
Problem: Dumped rubbish in Gamble Lane, Farnley.
gamble lane dumped rubbish Leeds
Dumped rubbish on Gamble Lane, Farnley, Leeds


gamble lane clean up
Tidied: Gamble Lane, Farnley
gamble lane clean up 2
Litter free: Gamble Lane

Within two hours of the clean up, the remnants and wrappings of a meal from the nearby McDonald’s had already been thrown onto the road.


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