Armley Town Street BID is hailed

armley town street bid
Politicians and traders last year. Photo: Mat Dale

Photo: Mat Dale

Community campaigners, traders and politicians have come together to mark a government grant which could act as a catalyst to improve Armley Town Street.

As reported earlier this month, Leeds City Council has been successful in securing a £15,000 government loan to help develop and set up a Business Improvement District (BID) covering the town centre, including Armley Town Street

From over 40 towns seeking the award, Armley was one of only four (with Beverley, Christchurch and Digbeth) to be successful.

The BID will be developed with the private sector over the coming months so the businesses can determine what they want to achieve to improve Town Street over the next 5 years.

A BID is an extra levy, on top of business rates, that is paid for by business rate payers and used to benefit businesses within a specified area. The levy should add to and enhance, rather than replace or distract, current provisions provided to the area by the local authority.

Jonathan Simmonds, Chair of Armley business group and the
recently formed Armley Action Group (AAG), said:

“This BID funding will enable local businesses to agree what wants doing to strengthen the main shopping area.

“Once agreed, a vote will be held in about a year’s time to see if they are willing to financially contribute through the creation of a Business Improvement District. For smaller businesses the contribution could be well under £100 per year.”

And this sentiment was endorsed by Lou Megson, who led AAG’s request for
the funds:

“This is great news for Armley. So much has been done and so much more needs to be done to let Town Street realise its wonderful potential.

“Working together things are now happening. We will now start discussing ideas with the business community to ensure the way forward offers the very best opportunities for them.”

Armley MP Rachel Reeves said:

“The money will ensure more can be done to make Armley a better place to live, work and shop with ever greater partnership working between the local authority, residents and businesses.”


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