Plans for Armley swingers club submitted


Plans for a swingers club in Armley have been submitted.

The proposed private members’club would be based in an empty retail/warehouse unit off Ledgard Way in Armley, at the back of Pet and Aquatic World.

The club would include 12 rooms and a bar selling non-alcoholic drinks.

The applicant is listed as Anita Gniwek, of Richmond Hill.

In a planning statement, Ms Gniwek states:

“The premises will provide a discreet, clean, safe and controlled environment for the club members.

“What members have in common is a desire to explore their sexual desires, often alongside their partner.

“The role of the club is to facilitate this within the premises, where participants can exercise their right to say ‘no thank you’ without explanation and set boundaries that will be respected.”

Ms Gniwek said there will be an entry fee but the club would not provide or arrange any sexual entertainment or services. She added:

“All of the alternatives, such as meeting on the internet and then in public or private place are less controlled and ultimately less safe, particularly for more vulnerable persons.

“The club will provide an alternative that will help to reduce illegal sexual activity in public.”

Opening hours

Members will be allowed to bring ‘moderate’ quantities of alcohol onto the premises for their own consumption.

The club would employ four full time employees and be open Sunday to Thursday 7pm until midnight and Fridays and Saturdays 7pm to 2am.

Ms Gniwek added that the “proposed use is not considered to be similar to a night-club or lap dancing club, which can result in anti-social behaviour and noise outside their premises”.

The application can be viewed in full – and commented upon – here.

Similar plans for a swingers club at an industrial estate off Station Way in Armley were refused by Leeds City Council last November due to its impact on local residents and concerns about late-night noise.

The Dispatch wrote about the application at the time.


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