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Wortley Ring Road: traffic delays due to resurfacing

Delays can be expected on Wortley Ring Road this summer as the council starts its annual programme of road surface dressing.

Running from Friday 24 June until Friday 15 July, a number roads across the city will receive a new layer of bitumen on the road surface, followed by the application of one or more layers of stone chippings.

This treatment helps to prolong the life of roads in the city by restoring a good level of skid resistance to smooth or slippery surfaces, as well as preventing water from seeping into the road foundation and weakening it, which can be a cause of potholes.

The Ring Road east-bound in Beeston and Lower Wortley and the Ring Road west bound in Lower Wortley are the roads affected in West Leeds.

A council spokesperson said:

“When the work is being carried out delays are expected on the roads concerned, with some lane closures possibly required. Following the process, there will be an excess of loose chippings on the road for a time which is normal.”

A full list of affected roads across the city can be found here.


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