Armley seed bombing creates wildflower meadow


Local residents came together in Armley to take part in a seedbombing exercise to create a wildflower meadow.

Sunday’s event was run at Hill Top, near the Travellers Rest pub, by volunteers at the Armley Common Right Trust and conservation volunteers from TCV Hollybush as part of the TCV’s Big Green Weekend programme.

The aim was to bring the community together and improve the area for next spring.

TCV volunteers last week treated all the Japanese Knotweed on site.

Moor Top

Footpaths in Moor Top park at the end of Wortley Road are set to be renovated.

David Boutle from Armley Common Right Trust, which maintains the park for the people of Armley, says access with be restricted for a two-week period, starting Monday, 17th October.

Seats will be replaced with modern ones and also the Trust will have some picnic sets installed to allow local people to come together. Mr Boutle said:

“An added attraction will be a barbeque site so come next summer all can enjoy some putside family meals.”

Moor bulb planting

On the weekend of October 29-30 the Trust would like to plant spring bulbs down the side of Armley Moor and are asking for volunteers to help out.

Bulbs have been given by envoronmental charity Groundwork, plus some others that have been donated.

Details of times have yet to be fimalised, but let the Trust know if you feel you could donate a little time by emailing


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