Council to sell Armley land for housing development


Leeds City Council has put a piece of land near Leeds Liverpool Canal in Armley up for sale for use as a potential housing development.

Council-owned land near Armley Lazer Centre has been put up for sale and developers are being urged to bid for the 0.3 hectare site, off Armley Ridge Road and Lenhurst Avenue.


A briefing on Leeds City Council’s website says:

“The building is currently in the process of being demolished and is located within the urban area of Armley. The eastern boundary of the site lies within close proximity of the Leeds and Liverpool canal corridor which is protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

“The surrounding area is characterised by social housing comprising predominantly two storey semi-detached houses. The … site is bounded by a church, housing and the canal and slopes from Armley Ridge Road and Lenhurst Avenue towards the canal.”

The site is marketed for disposal at less than best consideration calculated on terms of £1,000 per plot basis – plus £6,000 for the council’s legal and surveyors fees. The site adds:

“Any development will have to pay ‘due regard’ to the nearby SSSI designation and avoid any harm to its nature conservation interests. Any vehicle access to the site should be taken from Lenhurst Avenue. There will be no vehicle access from Armley Ridge Road.”

Check out more details on the council website.


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