Friday, August 14, 2020
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Armley: Police warn over bogus callers

Police have issued a warning over bogus callers after a man posing as a police officer tried to gain entry to a 92-year-old woman’s home in Armley.

The woman, who lives on Whingate Green, had a man knock on her door and state that he was a police officer. He has remained at the door for 10 minutes keeping the occupant talking in an attempt to gain entry.

The woman refused him entry and notified the police.

A second incident on Fearnley Place, Armley, saw a disabled resident have a man knock on the door and gain entry.

The man pushed past the resident and removed items from the property. This has left the resident shaken and upset.

Crime reduction officer Richard Thornton said:

“People should be aware of this type of offence and always keep doors locked until the identity of the caller is confirmed.”

The police warning has been backed by local elderly support group Armley Helping Hands and has been circulated to staff and its members throughout the LS12 postcode.

Should anyone wish to develop a Neighbourhood Watch or a Nominated Neighbour Scheme in their area, please contact a local NPT Officer on 101.


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