Swallow Hill pupils plant bulbs at Armley Leisure Centre


Pupils from Swallow Hill Community College have joined forces with volunteers from Alltogether Armley to plant 500 daffodils bulbs outside Armley Leisure Centre.

Swallow Hill pupils hard at work with volunteers from Alltogether Armley

The work was carried out with the support of Groundwork Leeds and Leeds Parks and Countryside Service.

Pat Doherty, lead teacher for citizenship and resilience at Swallow Hill, said:

“Young people need to learn positive messages about belonging to a community as well as the physical environment from the adults around them.

“The adults need to have enough energy and drive to teach the youngsters to understand that they should have the right to live in a well ordered and safe environment that has the added bonus of being a an attractive and welcoming area.”

Cllr Alice Smart (Lab, Armley) added:

“It’s been great to see young people who live and study locally contributing to their local area. By helping improve the area for people of ages, these pupils are having a positive impact on the way young people are perceived in Armley.”

Swallow Hill pupils also took part in Saturday’s Victorian Fair on Armley Town Street:


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