Armley plea: ‘Please leave Fudge the horse alone!’

Concern: Fudge the horse can be found on Armley Moor.

Fudge the horse is regarded as an ‘Armley icon’ by many, a regular sight happily grazing on Armley Moor.

The horse is tethered on the moorland by owner Patsy Baldock – but both yesterday and this morning he was found wandering near the skate park in Armley Park, across from the busy Stanningley Road.

Fudge was returned safely both but according to Patsy people keep letting him off his secure tether without considering the consequences to his safety and others.

“We did move him for a while as school kids keep letting Fudge lose, especially at the times when they are going to school and coming home,” said Patsy. “I think some parents need to explain the danger of letting Fudge lose.”

Her plea was echoed by Armley Green Party councillor Lou Cunningham, who posted on social media: “People keep letting him off without considering the consequences to his safety and others. Please stop!”

There had been reports last month of people attempting to take the horse’s jacket off.

Commenters on the Armley Good Stuff Facebook group are now discussing the possibility of making the horse an enclosure on the Moor. One said: “I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to build him some sort of enclosure. He’s an Armley icon, surely we could put something together to make it more safe for him?”

Another added: “Thank God he is home safe. Wouldn’t be the same without Fudge on Armley Moor. Our local little mascot.”

Armley Moor, which is run on behalf of the peopler of Armley by Armley Common Right Trust, has a long tradition of being used for grazing horses.

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