Armley Festival 2019 features Glastonbury performer

Festival fun: Youngsters on Armley Moor

Fresh from Glastonbury Festival success, Armley’s very own Mik Artistik will be opening Armley Festival this year with a smashing headline set! writes Lou Cunningham.

mik artistik armley

Poet, performer, artist and comedian Mik will open the popular annual event on Armley Moor.

There will be lots on offer for all ages including local stalls, fantastic music, a tea dance and Armley’s Got Talent. Not forgetting the donkeys too!

This year the festival will run from 12-5pm on Saturday, 20 July.

armley festival 2019

Come and join in this free family festival day!

We are also on the look out for any of you lovely folk who would like to volunteer any time on the morning of the festival or during the day to help out with set up and general tasks. Free food is provided.

Contact Lou on 07779004747 for more details or e-mail


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