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Armley: Cyclist injured as driver fails to stop

A cyclist was left injured after being hit by the driver of a light blue or grey Audi car in Armley yesterday.

The woman was travelling on a bicycle along Armley Ridge Road, when she was involved in a collision at 11.52am yesterday (7 June 2021) at the junction for Cockshott Lane.

The Audi driver failed to stop at the scene, and the woman was helped by a witness driving a white Volkswagen Polo.

The woman was taken to hospital, though her condition is believed not to be life-threatening.

Officers in Leeds are keen to speak to the witness from the Volkswagen, who may be able to assist with enquires.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 101 quoting incident number 697 of 7 June.


  1. I drive professionally for Leeds Council and I’ve driven my own car/motorcycles for over 30 years. I’ve done advanced training as well as CPC/Midas training. I am surprised there aren’t more cyclist deaths or injuries. I do hope the lady concerned is ok.
    When a person wishes to ride a low powered motorbike, they must obtain a Compulsory Basic Training certificate (CBT) before they can ride lower powered motorbikes. They must prove they are competent to join the traffic on UK roads. Cyclists can put their lives at risk without any knowledge of the road. Without ever looking at the highway code or knowing it exists. A cyclist detained me and refused to let me pass two weeks ago because I was using a bus lane to transport children in a D19 certificated minibus. Refused to let me pass because he doesn’t understand the highway code.
    I’m used to seeing cyclists ignoring traffic lights, jumping onto footpaths rather than wait and jumping back again on the other side of pedestrian crossings, not being aware of their surroundings and not checking to see if they’re safe before changing direction. Today one flew down the outside of a line of static traffic without seeing a junction to his left. As a car pulled out using the keep clear box, they almost collided. I’ve seen cyclists using phones and carrying stuff in one hand. Many cyclists have no idea of hazard awareness. I’m certainly not condoning the driver who failed to stop but we need to protect vulnerable road users from harm by making them aware of their highway responsibilities and vulnerability.
    I know someone is going to say, “car drivers cause problems too” and I would agree but how does knowing that keep cyclist alive. bicycles don’t write off cars, it’s the other way around.

  2. Wow a lady has been injured in the street and you actually post to blame victims, very insensitive. You are not a professional driver at all, you are just yet another
    bad road user that can’t handle sharing the road, because you know best blah blah blah.

    I see leeds council and mears vans speeding every day in Leeds! Get your own house in order before you blame an innocent lady that has been injured by yet another coward in a hit and run.

    Please just wake up, cyclists get injured by bad driving, being ‘aware’ means nothing. No cars on the roads means very few injuries to cyclists, why? Because motor vehicles are doing the injuring! Just grow up and learn to share without prejudice. In fact your comment has annoyed me so much I’m going to start filming these awful council drivers and reporting you all. I’m getting sick of your toxic attitude to sharing.

  3. AndyC, also you urgently need some retraining. If a driver pulls out into a keep clear box and nearly collides with a (legally) filtering cyclist then the driver is 100% to blame. The way drivers pull out and assume it’s safe is the leading cause of accidents. Please do some refresher training urgently.


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