Stuck in West Leeds traffic today? Roadworks will last FOUR weeks …

Work is about to restart on the renovation of the former Mike's Carpets building on Branch Road, Armley, following a delay. Photograph: copyright West Leeds Dispatch

Were you stuck in traffic down Tong Road or Stanningley Road today? The first day of roadworks at Armley’s Branch Road could well be to blame.

Branch Road, which leads to the A647 Armley Road and Town Street, is closed to vehicles for around four weeks.

Northern Gas Network is replacing the existing metal mains with more durable plastic pipes at a  cost of £60,000 in a bid to safeguard the long-term gas supply of people living in the area.

The traffic delays have led to some concerned comments from delayed workers on social media.

Amy Haywood said on Facebook:

“It’s taken half an hour for the number 15 to get from Wingate to Town Street. looks like I’m going to be very late for work today….”

Katie Beevers added:

8.30am and the roads are a nightmare. Traffic at a stand still on town street. Loads of cars cutting through wilko car park so that is also jammed. Walked up to Greggs to get the bus as the notice at the stop for the 15 and 11 was extremely unhelpful. Just says bus diverted down Wesley street and tong road!”



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