Application to sell alcohol in Armley Town Street is REJECTED


An application to sell alcohol from a shop in Armley Town Street has been refused by the council’s licensing committee.

Councillors said the application, by Ahmad Adnan Ali of Potraviny International Foods was unsuitable for the area.

Mr Ali wanted to sell alcohol between 8am and 10pm daily.

Councillors said the licence was too close to both the post office and an existing cafe.

Concerns were also expressed about the impact of another shop selling alcohol in an area already blighted by problems with street drinking.

Local objections from residents, councillors and MP Rachel Reeves were also taken into consideration.

The Town Street area is to be subject of a cumulative impact policy, which will make it more difficult for new off licences to be granted. As reported by The Dispatch, the policy has been given the go ahead by the council’s licensing committee, but it is still to be rubberstamped by June’s meeting of full council.

You can read in full the report which was considered by councillors.


  1. well at last some common sense !
    time to encourage shops that sell things OTHER THAN ALCOHOL on to the town street and try to make small steps towards a thriving family friendly town street than the dump it is now….sorry but that’s the truth !


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