Anyone for a Puppuccino? Farsley cafe welcomes dogs with special menu

Jaspers coffee shop Farsley
Dog lover Nikki Glynn, owner of Jaspers Coffee Shop, is pulling out all the stops for her four-legged friends. Photo: Carla Booth

Jaspers Coffee shop in Farsley is a dog friendly café that not only allows you to take your dogs inside but also offers them their own specialised menu.

Dog lover Nikki Glynn, owner of Jaspers Coffee Shop, opened the café after realising there was nowhere she could really go with her dogs after a walk.

She said: “We opened the café two years ago and named it after my own dog, Jasper, and I opened a dog friendly café because I found that when I was out on dog walks with my two I struggled to find somewhere I knew would be friendly and quite open and willing to let us come in and grab a coffee, especially if I’ve got wet dogs.”

The coffee shop has been offering dogs Puppuccino’s (a little cup of whipped cream with some grilled chicken on top) since it first opened two years ago but has recently added to its Doggy Menu with items such as scrambled eggs, sausages and carrot sticks.

Nikki stated: “We first started the Puppuccino’s when we first opened and I’ve just recently started doing the whole menu. I mean it’s not a massive menu but it’s enough for a little doggo.

“I just thought it would be really cute and actually it’s taken off quite well – we’re really pleased with it.”

The coffee shop has seen a great amount of interest since it opened two years ago, and owner Nikki says a boom in dog ownership due to COVID-19 lockdowns has boosted her business. 

Pampered pooches: Jasper and Jack.

She said: “Over the pandemic so many people bought dogs so there’s been a massive boom of dog owners in this area, and they all love to bring them out and I get to know all the dogs’ names – like this one out here. He called Winston and he loves coming in for his Puppuccino’s!”

Jaspers also has a ‘little library’ up and running at the side of the cafe where people can drop by any time and take or swap a book.

Jaspers Coffee Shop is on 31 Town Street in Farsley and, as well as its Doggy Menu, sells homemade cakes, sandwiches and coffee.

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