Aire Place Studios: Bingo wheel picks artists for latest exhibition

Image: Artist Lauren Towner

By Lucy Morrison

As an artist it is hard work applying for shows. You never really know what the selection panel are looking for or who you are up against. So, at Aire Place Studios Gallery, off Kirkstall Road, we have changed things up, stripped everything away to be as fair as possible.

Following an open call each artwork submitted has been assigned a number up to 115. Organisers then randomly selected 20 numbers using a bingo wheel. Each artwork in this show has been chosen completely at random. There was no selection panel, no theme, or restrictions, just pure luck! 

Artist Heather Keller said: As an emerging artist who has lately been struggling to get my work in front of new eyes via open calls, BINGO was such a great way to not have to worry about who would be judging my art or whether it fit with a theme. It was up to the luck of the draw and I am excited to be a part of it and sharing this space with the other lucky artists.”

Come and support the collection of 20 talented artists at the launch event on Friday, 3 November 2023, 1pm-5pm. Artworks in the exhibition will be available to purchase as well as items from the Aire Place Studios shop. The exhibition continues until 24 November 2023.

Participating artists: Edd Jones, Summer Dawes, Dan Morgan, Robin Tynan, Heather Keller, Alice Boland-Rhodes, Dionne Hood, Lior Locher, Baz Cantrill, Jesse Kaplan, David Hanover, Shauna Boland-Rhodes, Claire-Louise Pitman, Glen Welford, Laura McCandless, Kim Pilgrim, Eva Münnich, Martin Cosgrove, Lauren Towner.

Gallery visiting times: Fridays 11am – 5pm. Please book ahead of your visit here.


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