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A647 Armley Road roadworks set to last eight weeks

British Telecom are working on the A647 Armley Road, approximately 40 metres south west of its junction with Canal Road. 

This work is being carried out by BT ahead of the construction of the proposed new outbound bus lane and extension of the outbound segregated cycle track on Armley Road, which form part of the A647 Bus Priority Corridor project.

Construction started today (Monday 6 July 2020), and is likely to last until 28 August.

The works will require temporary closure of the southern footway and westbound cycle lane in the vicinity of the work on Armley Road, due to construction to be undertaken within the footway. 

Pedestrians will be required to use the northern footway, and cyclists will be required to merge with traffic. A Connecting Leeds spokesperson said:

“We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause. BT/Talent will build a temporary walkway for pedestrians to use.

“Traffic flows in both directions will be maintained throughout the proposed construction period.

“This work has been scheduled to take place largely within the school holidays, so as to minimise the disruption caused.”


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