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A wintry league run in Bramley Fall Woods

By Jean Hollings, photos by Simon Cullingworth

& Satty Virdee 

Social running group Bramley Breezers (locally known as ‘Breezers’) hosted their first West Yorkshire Winter League cross country race in Bramley on a freezing January Sunday morning (22 January)

West Yorkshire Winter League is a team event over eight races from November to February. The course tends to involve mud, sweat and hills. 

A mass of over 400 runners eagerly awaited the start whistle at 10am. The 8km run through Bramley Fall Woods didn’t disappoint.

Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Although the ground was hard there were plenty of hills and frozen puddles. The route was lined with Breezers marshalling and cheering the runners on. Simon Cullingworth caught some great moments on camera. 

Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Everyone was welcomed back at The Bramley Villagers Community Club, where hot food warmed the runners and volunteers. 

Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Breezers donated raffle prizes, which raised funds for Bramley Elderly Action

Bramley Breezers meet on a Monday and Wednesday evening at the Bramley Villagers Community Club on Broad Lane in Bramley at 6.30pm. More details here.

Photo: Satty Virdee

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