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£20 million Dawsons Corner improvements move step closer to reality

Plans for a series of major junction improvements to improve bus journey times at congested Dawsons Corner have moved a step closer to reality.

Council chiefs have this week approved the preliminary layout of the scheme and will now progress a full business case and prepare a detailed planning application at a cost of £335,000.

Plans of the draft junction improvement scheme.

Improvements include improving pedestrian and cycling connectivity and making the junction safer to use to encourage people to walk or cycle.

The scheme also incorporates new bus lanes to improve the reliability of journey times and make public transport more attractive for people to use.

The proposed scheme is funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority
through the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund. The current cost is estimated at £20.2m.

A council report approving the £335,000 expenditure to move ahead with the plans added:

“The improvements to the scheme layout will make the junction more efficient for traffic at this critical intersection, supporting and promoting economic growth across Leeds and Bradford.

“The reduction in congestion will lead to better environment in terms of
improve air quality.”

Contractors for the scheme have yet to be appointed.

The council’s decision can be read in full here.


  1. I am not convinced this is going to help. There are not that many pedestrians around the roundabout. The peak is at opening and closing times of the nearby school. The traffic is bad enough at peak times and what is been suggested will slow it down further. That is wasting fuel and time for industry. It would be far cheaper to builder pedestrian bridges over the main roads. Pedestrians would be 100% safer. Traffic would flow. It is agreed that this is a main junction. The Leeds Ring Road is a vital link road. The fact that it has the main route to the our nearest city neighbour ( Bradford) should make it more reason to keep the traffic flowing. I have no problem, with bus lanes as long as it does not restrict the normal two lanes for cars and commercial traffic.


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