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Bramley youngsters’ book donation helps others during lockdown

Small gestures of thoughtfulness can have a big impact, especially in worrying times like these. They remind us that we are not alone and that others are thinking of us, writes Jo Fiddes.

One such gesture recently came from 13 year-old Bramley resident Faith (pictured above), a pupil at Leeds West Academy.

Along with her younger sister Piper, 11, she decided to give up her beloved store of books for others to enjoy.

Help yourself to free books in Bramley!
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The sisters had seen stories online of children who were less fortunate than themselves and were looking for a way to help.

An avid reader and Harry Potter fan, Faith said:

“I’ve always loved to read, it’s helped with my vocabulary and my imagination. I just wanted to help in this horrible time and books let you be someone else or be somewhere else for a while.”

Proud parents Darren and Danielle were touched by the thoughtfulness shown by their daughters. They said:

“We are really proud – thinking of something positive when most things you read or hear at the moment are negative, hopefully this makes someone smile or gives then the idea to try something different. As a family, we also want to thank the entire NHS and frontline services.”

Darren shared this story on Twitter and it caught the eye of MP for Leeds West, Rachel Reeves. She declared it a “wonderful idea” and added:

“It’s lovely to see our community coming together to support each other in these difficult times.

“Many people may be isolating alone at the moment and feeling lonely, or struggling financially and unable to afford to buy more than the essentials, so kind acts such as these really can make a huge difference.”


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